Monday, October 18, 2010

Scratch Building a 1:600 scale HAS complex (Part4)

Exhaust Ports
Bricks assembled
Having failed in my attempt to cast from the moulds I created time constraints of a looming game meant that I had to cut corners. So back to my son's Lego hoard for a 'long term lease' of bricks. As some of his Lego was inherited from my childhood then these pieces, being 30-40 years old had taken quite a bashing. My source was a 1970's era Lunar Lander in blue - no doubt worth a small fortune if complete but I know it was far from.
Lego bricks of the type chosen

The design was the same as my initial prototype (middle top still sporting 'Green Stuff'' from it's mould mission) and were duly offered up to the HAS board. 

Initial Exhaust Spacing

Initial Exhaust Spacing

Upside down view with Exhausts in place and painted

Only 5 sets of Lego components were super glued together, covered with a thin coat of No More Nails and then stippled. All shelters and ports were then glued in place and any touch up paint applied.
Board with HAS, final taxiways and hard standings
plus vegetation plus some aircraft for scale
 I knew I was tight for space on one HAS so I ended up with a simplified single brick design (bottom right above) so no engine run ups in this HAS then.
I then stuck on some Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage in light green and medium green to represent trees. I also touched up some final paint work to leave me with an acceptable product in time to add to the airfield for the game we planned. Time will tell if i come back to this model to apply detailed finishing touches.
In the mean time a few motivational shots with aircraft out front of shelter or on taxiway.

Tumbling Dice F-15's

Tumbling Dice F-16's

Tumbling Dice F-16's

Tumbling Dice F-16's
Tumbling Dice F-15's & F-16

Tumbling Dice F-15

Tumbling Dice F-15's & F-16

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