Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scratch Built 1:600 scenery - Hills (Part1)

With the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War I have been looking to generate some appropriate scenery for troops to 'yomp' towards and storm. For those of you familiar with this conflict you will know that these objectives were essentially rock topped hills with dug in Agentinian defenders. So I've created a few hills as follows:

My usual technique for creating a bit of height was employed here. Layers of this polystyrene (ex-pizza bases) were sandwiched and stuck together using 'No-More-Nails' all pver a heavy card base. Once dry a final textural covering was added by stippling the glue with my finger. Finally pieces of cork (yes from a wine bottle) were broken up and applied with NMN. 

Once dry the grass slopes were painted green and the rocks grey.
Dimensions are about 200mm by 50mm and 50mm tall (8"x2"x2)

Ithen mixed up a combination of PVA glue, grey paint, and two sizes of railway ballast to act as fallen rocks.
A reasonably pleasing result was produced

I had to do a bit of touching up afterwards of both the grey and green, I also did a bit of dry brushing to add a biy of contrast. I still feel the grass is still a bit too green so will do a bit more work on this but I will probably leave the rocks as they are. Once complete i will have an acceptable 'Wireless Ridge' for the little 'uns to assault.
I will now apply this technique to a few more hills and see what they look like

I've been away

It's been far too long since I last posted to this blog. My other wargaming interest is in 20mm plastic Ancients and I've been doing a lot of painting towards my Greek and Persian armies and have spent little time on 1:600 matters - either playing, painting or creating. However, that has all changed recently and I'm now looking to catch up on the 1:600 blog side of things.