Thursday, November 4, 2010

Building a 1:600 scale airfield (Part5) Scratch Built Buildings

I wanted to create a few representative military looking structures to embellish my airfield so here is a selection:

Weapons store
Made from appropriately shaped polystyrene packaging inserts, asymmetrically cut, stuck to a 20x20cm cardboard base with 'No More Nails' glue and stippled to create a grass texture

After priming it white the Grass was painted in

The concrete was painted grey and I then added in a roadway using a Microsoft word creation

These are the types of things I was after
Command bunker
Made out of an instant coffee jar lid 

Lid stuck to base and the polystyrene layers added and result stippled with No More Nails

Base sprayed white and grass area added

Final concrete finish
Securing s base to the construction

Small Bunker complex
Made from another polystyrene infill

Black infill based and then stippled with No More Nails

White polystyrene inserts added for 'concrete' fronts

Painted grass and concrete added

 Storage Bunker
This time made from a clear plastic blister mould for my son's 'Ben 10' watch

Based and surrounded by polystyrene then stippled

Grass painted on after base spraying white

'Igloo' and paths painted to represent concrete. 'Outbuilding' uses the strap buckle cover