Modern 1:600 Arabs (Part 1)

I have tried wherever practical to make my basing 1:1 scale and OOB's reflect those found in the Micro Mark army lists. This collection of Arab units is based on the Iraqi Army between 1982 and 2000 so as to encapsulate forces in the Iran-Iraq war and to face American units in the 1st and Second Gulf Wars. These encounters will be gamed using the Cold War Commander rule set. Each stand has a label with the CWC type, E.g. Anti-Tank Unit, actual equipment designation, E.g. BMDR-2 AT, the unit types symbol and a weight colour (that I plan use for a 'Commands & Colors: Modern' variant that I am developing). 

I use different stand shapes and sizes to represent different units as follows:
  • Brigade CO: 40x40mm square
  • Battalion HQ: 30mm diameter circle
  • Platoon: 30x30mm square
  • FAO/FAC: 20mm diameter circle
  • Recce Platoon: 20x20mm square
BM-21 Rocket Troops with BRM-2U command vehicle to top left
 and two BTR-60PU's on the other 30x30mm bases

BMP-1 Battalion comprising x6 platoons on 30x30mm square bases,
a 30mm diameter circular battalion HQ,
40x40mm square Brigade CO stand and associated AR units

BMP-1 platoon

BMP-2 platoon

BMP-2 platoons and associated AR units
BMP-1 circular Bttalion HQ with BMP-1Ksh (converted BMP-2's) and two AR platoons plus light machine guns

Another view of the BMP-1 circular Bttalion HQ

BRDM-1 Anti-Tank platoon
(armed with AT-1 Snapper, AT-2 Swatter or AT-3 Sagger missiles)

BRDM-1 Recce platoon on smaller square base

BRDM-2 Anti-Tank company

BRDM-2 Anti-Tank platoon with BRDM-2PU command
(AT vehicles armed with AT-2 Swatter, AT-3 Sagger,
AT-4 Spigot or AT-5 Spandrel missiles)

BRDM-2 Recce platoon on smaller square base