Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scratch Building a 1:600 scale HAS complex (Part2)

I next took different directions for my door and exhaust port solutions.

"H" section joint
I wondered whether the doors could be fabricated rather than cast as I also wanted some hangers to have their doors open. A trip to the local DIY store for inspiration saw me leave with a plastic "H" section jointing strip.

I intended to use computer drawn door frames to cover the solid mould so I then found myself having to slightly revise the door shape to fit.

My eventual approach, after a little trial and error, was to cut a 50mm section of plastic, then remove the small side of the "H" on the outer 10mm on either side, remove one of smaller 'H' quarters for the central 30mm. I then clipped either side into an isosceles triangle with the hypotenuse becoming a hinging point. Not as difficult to do physically as to explain. I also wanted to portrait a shelter with doors open so it was a simple case of cutting this in half. My next step was to add a base to the shelter and glue on the doors

oblong base - closed Doors

  Doors added to base - filling to be done

half doors applied the to a polystyrene quarter circle backing

 T-shaped (open) card base.


I next applied a thin coating of glue and textured the outer surface by 'bouncing' my finger over it. One dried I cut the bases to size and sprayed on a white undercoat.  I tend not to buy off the shelf acrylic paint as I prefer to mix my own.
Essentially, this was a dark grey/green first coat with an olive green over coat. I then used coloured varnish to finish and protect.

When it came to actually applying the printed doors I just didn't like the effect as id just did not sit right with the shelter's colour so, in a reversal to my approach with the taxi ways, I painted them on.