Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gaming Modern conflicts in 1:600 scale

A small group of us at the Scimitar's wargame Group in Coventry, UK have been playing Cold War Commander on and off for the last 12 months with 1:600 models from Tumbling Dice for aircraft and Oddzial Osmy who also produce vehicles and troops.
I feel that this scale looks particularly impressive on a 2400mm x 1200mm (6'x4') layout and the scale also seems to sit well with rules fire range and movement distances.
We have played a number of scenarios primarily using British and Soviets armies from mid '70s to mid '80s owned by two of the guys, Neil and Richard respectively, and I've fallen into the niche of terrain provider (I also have desert camo’ Arabs and Americans but they haven't seem much action yet - they may show up in future blog entries).
We have played encounter scenarios mainly but now that we have got a hang of the rules we are spreading our wings a little into more complex scenario's, however, one factor that seems to be consistent is that the Soviets always seem to do better than the Brits. This may have reflect that the Soviets are good value for money (kit for points) or that Richard is a far better player than Neil or myself (I suspect the latter).
The latest scenario we planned to fight was a Russian airborne Assault on a British Airfield in Germany, around 1981 and I will report on that soon.

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