Monday, September 20, 2010

Building a 1:600 scale airfield (Part2a) Cruise Line Models

2. I had sourced a number of excellent resin airfield buildings (1:700 scale)  from Cruise Line Models some time ago and whilst constructing the airfield I was also painting these:

CLM7000005 Headquarters/Hospital building
 This building is impressive (Dimensions: 175mm x 100mm x 37mm) and could form a centre piece to a number of scenarios acting as a presidential palace, seat of government or administration, a hospital or a college/ university building. Unfinished -grounds need car parking to be added

CLM7000001 Air traffic control tower

The control tower (Dimensions: 80mm x 46mm x 31mm high) is painted up in limited camouflage and probably only has airfield / airport applications. There are separate aerials but adding these will cause storage problems.

CLM7000004 Fire Station
The Fire station (Dimensions: 75mm x 55mm x 19mm) is painted up in limited camouflage though it could be used in any urban context. I need some vehicles as fire appliances to finish it off so will probably have to convert army trucks. Unfinished.

CLM7000007 Workshop

This building looks more like a factory than a warehouse (Dimensions: 124mm x 52mm x 18mm high) so again will have a universal application. Unfinished. 

CLM7000008 Hanger

This hanger (Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 15mm) has had a very rudimentary first coat applied. It is open with 2 sets of doors yet to be applied (there is also a closed variant available). Unfinished.

CLM7000003 Workshop

This general utility building (Dimensions: 124mm x 52mm x 18mm high) looks like a warehouse or small industrial unit with office space so again will have a universal application. Unfinished.

The following buildings have not yet been painted or based:
CLM7000006 Warehouse
CLM7000002 Workshops

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